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©  (August 24 2016 10.15 a.m)  Scotland, UK- by S.N.Strutt

23/08/16 This morning at around 10.15 in the morning, my wife and I, were sitting in our garden reading, on a beautiful sunny summer's day (18C), in an almost cloudless sky, when our attention was drawn to a seeming formation of what we at first thought were just birds flying overhead.

At closer inspection one could tell that they were actually not alive, and had delta wings, which were not moving as in the case of a bird. They sort of looked like a bird, but were not flapping, only smoothly moving silently and effortlessly through the sky, in formation, with one leading the rest.

We soon realized that these could not be mere birds. Their colour was white to silver. We then concluded that they must have been some sort of DRONE AIRCRAFT. It then dawned on us that in fact they must have been travelling at both a very high altitude, and that they were also very large in size, and much higher up that commercial aircraft, and were obviously travelling much faster than an aircraft.

They were travelling in an approximate North West to South East direction.

Other observations at the time: there were Chemtrails in our sky at the time, and one travelling in the same direction as these strange “drones.”

They travelled as smoothly, as if our atmosphere did in no wise interfere with their flight… then very suddenly the whole formation of “drones” suddenly without warning just completely vanished in mid-sky right before our very eyes.

Another interesting observation is that my wife saw the UFO’S in a slightly different way than I did.

She saw the formation of craft, but saw the outlines more as 3 triangular connecting points, and that they were delta shaped. I was observing the UFO’s from a slightly different physical angle, and saw more details. Also the UFO's did not reflect the light of sun in the way that a normal aircraft or other physical object normally does.

Finally we realized oh no, not yet another personal UFO sighting, as recorded in my book “OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT” in chapter 5.

(Obs: 2 hours later on the 24/08/16. After the Chemtrails, now what had been an almost totally clear blue sky, has been replaced by the sky being full of “cirrus-looking clouds” blotting out the sun, and almost completely covering the sky up to the horizon. These “cirrus-looking clouds” are much lower down than is normally the case for a high altitude cirrus cloud!

What are THEY trying to hide?



 Added 05/10/16: Today when going over our latest UFO sighting on 23rd August, I suddenly realized how amazing it was that my wife and I, got to actually see a formation of around 17 UFO'S.

Strangely this experience was totally different from the 2 other UFO sightings  when we got  to see  a very large UFO. The first two times, I felt sort of good about the experience, feeling that they were large UFO's sent by God to coming disaster areas of the future, to take souls home to Heaven.

However this latest personal experience, in seeing a whole fleet formation of UFO's, totally took my wife and I by surprise, and left us with a feeling of FORBODING, as if these particular UFO's were not up to anything GOOD. This was verified a few hours later, as my wife had a strange experience, where she said she saw what she thinks could have been one of the pilots of one of the UFO's, visit us in spirit; and she said it was as if he was afraid and nervous, by the fact that we could see them.

 If the formation of UFO's had been sent by God, then they certainly would not have been afraid of my wife and I, just because we were able to see their tranport vehicle. So   we realized that they must have been part of the DARK FORCES just forming, and getting ready for a BIG BATTLE.

I can't say or deduce more than that for the present time, but my wife and I feel pretty certain that it all means something OMINOUS for the very near future.

If we find out more details we will post it right here.

The other very odd part of the whole experience was that, if I hadn't  known better, I would have said that the vision of the 17 or so UFO'S in formation, seemed more like a projection from  a distant projector, thus explaining how the image of the UFO's was suddenly switched-off in mid-sky as we were watching them.

Could it be that whoever was piloting or commanding that fleet of UFO's, suddenly ralized that my wife and I, could somehow see them, and gave the order to totally "CLOAK the UFO'S", so that we would not be able to see them anymore?! I know that it simply just boggles the human mind to see UFO's, as the UFO's simply do not obey the laws of physical science. I know as I used to be training as a pilot, and what I was taught in aerodynamics, is not followed by UFO's.

So what are they? I cannot fully explain the phenomenom as, it is rather odd to say the least. It seems to be a phenomenom that is happening more frequently than ever and the real question is WHY? & What are they up to? Is it a physical or a spiritual phenomenom or both?! Read on to hear about our other UFO experiences....

If anyone has had similar experiences, we would love to hear them. You can contact us at:-



There was also a BLOOD MOON on the night before we saw the UFO formation of 15-20 DELTA-WING UFO's flying high above our garden on 24th August at 10.15 a.m.

Strange co-incidences?

Is there possibly a connection with us seeing UFO'S and Coming Disasters?

Or have we been WARNED from heaven, about coming disasters, as this is the third time that it has happened to my wife and I, in the past 6 years, that we have seen UFOS' and it would seem, they were followed by big disasters involving a large loss o life somewhere on the planet within a couple of months of the unusual UFO sightings.

Co-incidences. Somehow, I don't think so!

Reactions from readers:-


 Very interesting! I think this is the first time I've heard of friends of mine, testify of having seen these things. I never have, and wasn't sure I believed it or not, although the testimonies of those who claimed to have seen it have been pretty convincing. Now I'm convinced! There's not much open sky where I live--lots of trees--but maybe the Lord will let me catch a glimpse. Thanks for your regular testimonies. Keeping both of you in my prayers.--Philip


Just the other night in Kansas my wife and I saw what appeared to be a star glittering and moving around. Surrounding it were these little dots or particles of light that would appear only for a moment and then be gone. No idea what that was... I've never seen the little "dots" of light before appearing and disappearing. -john


Hi Stephen,

I'm here just to say that the level of "UFO" activity generally has certainly increased exponentially of late it seems. Personally I believe the public are being prepared for "full disclosure". One of the biggest proofs of this to my mind is the huge number of "alien invasion" films coming out recently (plus re-runs on TV of the older ones, both recent older, such as "Prometheus", and older older, such as "War of the Worlds"). These include "blockbuster" major releases with big name casts, such as the new "Independence Day" sequel, and, I believe very significantly "Arrival". There are also countless low budget "straight to DVD" videos in the stores.

Big things going on all over, and all at once these days = "great confusion" and leading to "men's hearts failing them for fear" for sure. It is all planned of course, so Lord help us to stay close to Him so we can have that "peace that passes all understanding eh?, while "we wrestle not against flesh and blood.....etc". Whew

Anyway, this little note comes with lots of love to you and yours Bro. Keep up the good work.-Dave



 (21/6/15 Condensed from "ABOUT THE AUTHOR"- S N Strutt" TOPIC TAB:-http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/413469553 )

 Finally, I challenge you, that if you have not already prayed to receive Jesus into your heart, so that you can have eternal life, & be guaranteed a an eternal place in Heaven, then please do so immediately, to keep you safe from what is soon coming upon the earth!

 Jesus stated in Revelations 3.20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and live with him and him with me”.

 “He who believes on the Son of God has eternal life.” John 3.36. That means right now!

 Once saved, you are eternally saved, and here is a very simple prayer to help you to get saved:-

 “Dear Jesus,

Please come into my heart, forgive me all of my sins,  give me eternal life, and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Please help me to love others and to read the Word of God in Jesus name, Amen. 

 Once you’ve prayed that little prayer sincerely, then you are guaranteed a wonderful future in Heaven for eternity with your creator, and loved ones."For God is Love" (1 John 4.16)

 As I mentioned earlier in this book, your Salvation does not depend on you going to church, and your good works. Titus 3.5 states “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy he saved us”.

 Your salvation only depends on receiving Christ as your saviour, not on church or religion!

 (If I could get saved having been an atheist and an evolutionist whilst at university, then anyone can get saved! Just challenge God to prove He exists, & ask Him into your heart! He will show up in your life & teach you the truth!) (John 14.6)

 "He that comes unto Me I will in no wise cast out"- Jesus

 Jesus explained that unless you become as a child you won't even understand the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. (John 3.3)



15.07.2016 19:52

Peter Fischer

Any idea when the Anti-Christ shall arrive on the scene? Or who he might be?

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