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 We all know that HALLOWEEN is mostly celebrated in the USA & the UK.

For most people it is merely just another FESTIVAL, where adults and teens and kids alike like to dress-up and be ghouls for a night or afternoon.

 If so many people are supposed to be Christians in both the USA & the UK, why such fascination with the so-called darkness of HALLOWEEN? 

Sadly, I believe the answer lies in the fact that the organized official so-called Christian churches & other religions are mostly not giving any ANSWERS to such PARANORMAL real activities, but as I stated in my Book "Out of the Bottomless Pit" :-<AMAZON :-( >

 "Most Christians shy away from anything that smacks of the so-called negative side of the supernatural such as":-


People genuinely seeing ghosts of their relatives when they died, as documented by doctors studying the phenomenon of Life After Death. ( Over 8000,000 cases in the USA alone) as documented in my Book  "Out of the Bottomless Pit" in chapter 45

2) Seeing strange creatures, that apparently not everyone can see.

These can range from people claiming to have seen 3 metre trolls, as documented on this website down in England last year, to the USA MILITARY have recently been involved in a ferocious fight against a very large 30 feet high canabalistic Giant in Afganistan, as first mentioned on Steve Quayle's website:   and also mentioned on my website under GIANTS. Steve Quayle also does a great job in mentioning the Wee People such as LEPRICORNS from Ireland to Trolls in Scandinavia. How is it even possible that so many people have seen, and often documented these creatures, all throughout history.

Are they all under the influence of drugs or mass hallucination? As tends to be the offical explanation, or is there actually some underlying truth to the existence of these and many other creatures?

The study of hidden animals or creatures, is called CRYPTO-ZOOLOGY, whether physical or other worldly.

3) Encounters with people and beings from the spirit world both good and bad.

4) Bound spirits both in GRAVE-YARDS, and in HAUNTED HOUSES.

5) Encounters with the good ANGELS of God

 6) Encounters with the bad ANGELS or FALLEN ANGELS, in many different forms.

 7) Being HAUNTED by ones mistakes and sins, as was brought so well in the movie *FLATLINERS (See excerpt below)

 8) Premonitions of knowing that a relative HAS DIED far away in another country, to have it confirmed hours or days later.

9) People hearing voices that they wish they didn't have to hear- in other words, not good voices which are dismissed by the psychiatric Department, as nothing more than Schizophrenia or in some cases mere hallucinations.

I mentioned in my book that during my life as a missionary, that I have personally seen many supernatural happenings, both good and bad.

As far as I am concerned, they are not supposed to make us afraid, but on the contrary, to strengthern our faith in God. I have personally met an ANGEL when I was young, and in a very trying situation. I will give more details later

10) Many people seeing UFOS.

What is the Link to the paranormal? As my wife and I have already testified, we have seen UFO's on 3 different occasions, and all in the vicinity of where we live, or at least in our county, over the past 6 years. For more exact info see:- UFO SIGHTINGS on this website:-



Since there is so much evidence to support the SUPERNATURAL and the fact that there are other DIMENSIONS all around us, it would behove us all to be flexible in our thinking, when it comes to what others claim that they have seen, and not automatically ridicule or dismiss out of hand what they are telling you, just because you didn't get to see it. Don't be like the farmer who when told about giraffes,for the first time, blurted out "there just ain't no such thing, because I never saw one!" Pretty narrow-minded and inflexible, don't you think?


In my opinion having faith in God, does not mean being an inflexible person, whose mind is closed to anything outside of their self-imposed religious MATRIX box. I see God as an Adventurer, who likes His children to be full of questions about how He created everything, and how the invisible dimensions behind this physical realm works. It is not difficult to find out, if you but ask God.  "Ask and you will receive, seek and you shall find, knock, and the door shall be opened unto you"



 (PT II)

 SALVATION IN THE SPIRIT WORLD! --Can You Still Get Saved After You Die?

THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT WORDS WHICH ARE TRANSLATED IN OUR ENGLISH BIBLES AS EITHER HELL OR THE GRAVE. The Hebrew word "Gehenna" is usually translated "Hell", meaning a fiery Hell, & the other word usually translated in the English as "grave" comes from two different words: The one in Hebrew "Sheol", & the other in Greek, "Hades". But neither one of the original words have the meaning of what we think of as a grave today--a hole in the ground! What both of them mean is: "Sheol"--the unseen state! "Hades"--the unseen state!--The Spirit World!

                 IN OTHER WORDS, THE DEAD ARE LIVING SPIRITS, EXISTENT & LIVING IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, THOUGH UNSEEN!--Not buried in a hole in the ground! In other words, every place it says "grave" in the Old Testament is "Sheol", meaning "the unseen state", & every place it says "grave" in the New Testament it's "Hades", meaning the same thing!--The Spirit World! Only the word "Gehenna" really means "Hellfire" in the Hebrew, real genuine Hellfire.

                BUT TODAY, TO YOU & ME, MODERN PEOPLE OF THE 20TH CENTURY, THE WORD "GRAVE" ONLY MEANS ONE THING--A HOLE IN THE GROUND THAT YOU BURY A DEAD BODY IN!--But that is not at all what the original words mean! They mean "the unseen state", the invisible state of those spirits!--Invisible to us except upon apparition or some manifestation. It means they're in the Spirit World!--Not in a hole in the ground, neither all in Hellfire either, but they are in the Spirit World! They are very very active, though invisible, usually unseen.

                 TOO MANY OF THESE TRANSLATIONS & INTERPRETATIONS ARE COLOURED BY THE DOCTRINE OF THEIR PARTICULAR CHURCH, JUST AS WAS THE KING JAMES TRANSLATION. Remember, it was translated, in a sense, by a bunch of Church men & by the Church, & they figured that the best way to keep their people in the church building was to scare'm to death that any place outside was going to be Hellfire, & that if they died out of the Church they went straight to Hellfire, regardless, with no alternative, no in-between.

                 SEE HOW LONG THE PREACHERS & THE CHURCHES HAVE MISLED PEOPLE IN SAYING THAT THAT MEANT DEATH & HELL & EVERYBODY IN IT WERE THROWN INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE?--WHEN IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO! The Church has had to cling to those extreme doctrines about the building to support their own organisation: And about Hell being fire & eternal to scare people into the building! According to the Church, if they did not come to the building & go through the rites of the Church, they were gonna go to Hell! What a travesty against the Truth! How horrible! My God, what the Churches are guilty of!--Misleading the people & even offending people's sense of justice & grace & love & mercy of God by using words which are not true expressions of what the Lord really intended for it to mean. Because by their exclusive doctrine precluding any chance of anything between Heaven & Hell, they've ruled out anything that's outside of the Church!--When here these words make it as clear as anything that there is an in-between! The spirits who are now in that in-between unseen state, their final fate is going to be decided at the Great White Throne Judgement.

                 IN FACT, THOSE SPIRITS OF THE DEAD WHO ARE NOW IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, THEY ARE AGAIN IN A STATE OF PROBATION! They're going to be judged according to how they're behaving right now in the Spirit World--whether they're serving God or the Devil there! In other words, contrary to Church doctrine, their fate is not always completely sealed by death!

       THOSE WHO WERE SAVED IN THIS AGE OF GRACE DURING THIS LIFE, OF COURSE, THEIR FATE IS SETTLED! They are definitely saved & strictly going to Heaven, & have gone there, no doubt, & been sent back to help us. And it's possible that some of Satan's saints who have finally & forever rejected Jesus Christ & are still rejecting Him in the Spirit World & still serving the Devil, that their fate is pretty much settled as well--except for how bad & how much damage & evil they did, which they're still doing! Therefore, they can't get their final judgement until the Great White Throne Judgement when their cup of iniquity is full & they have finished all their God-damnable dirtywork against us--including all the fiends of Hell & devils & evil spirits of the departed dead!

                 THEREFORE JUDGEMENT CANNOT COME UNTIL THE END OF THE SPIRIT WORLD, OF DEATH & HELL & SHEOL & HADES--THE END OF THE UNSEEN STATE--BECAUSE THEY'RE STILL OPERATING IN THE UNSEEN STATE! Ghosts are still haunting, spirits are still spiriting, our helpers are still helping, & the evil spirits are still cursing & damning & rebelling, so that all their dirtywork isn't done until the Great White Throne Judgement. And all those who died unsaved & perhaps didn't know the Gospel--but maybe did the best they could with what they knew--are now on probation or in the Spirit World & are gonna be judged according to how well they operated in the Spirit World.

                 MAYBE PEOPLE ARE RECEIVING CHRIST IN THE SPIRIT WORLD RIGHT NOW! Jesus went & preached to the spirits in prison who had died up till that time. ( Mt.12:40 ;  1Pe.3:19 ,  4:6 ;  Eph.4:9 .) Could it be possible that some people are going to get saved now in the Spirit World, the Afterlife, when they see the realities of the real World of the Spirit?

                 Well, if you can get saved in the Millennium, if you can get saved in the New Earth, why couldn't you get saved in the Spirit World right after death? In other words, there're going to be three classes of people in the Spirit World! The definitely Saved & bound for Heaven, their fate's settled. The unalterably reprobate incorrigible evil spirits of the departed dead who are still going to be just as rebellious & just as disobedient & just as loyal to the Devil in the Afterlife as they are now, their fate's settled too! And then there are people who are in-between & maybe are good but never heard the Gospel & never had a chance to get saved, but were not really evil. That's why He has to wait until the Great White Throne Judgement to judge them as to whether they will be saved or not, whether they're written in the Book of Life or not.

                 LOOK AT THE PATIENCE & MERCY OF GOD, THAT EVEN THE PEOPLE WHO NEVER HEARD WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO RECEIVE THE LORD IN THE NEXT LIFE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD--EVEN BETWEEN NOW & THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT! I always wondered what they had that Judgement for anyhow if everybody that came to that Judgement, all the unsaved dead, were being raised just to be cast into Hell? Then what's the point of the Judgement? But there are millions of people who die who are not that wicked & evil to go straight to Hellfire, but neither have they heard the Gospel in order to be saved, so therefore God gives'm a chance in the Spirit World!

                 THAT EXPLAINS ALL THE STRANGE VERSES IN THE BIBLE ABOUT JESUS PREACHING TO SPIRITS IN PRISON & ALL THAT SORT OF THING! That's right now in the Spirit World! He went & preached to the spirits in prison the Gospel of salvation!--To tell them that had not heard to believe on Him so they could live & be saved! "He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life!" ( Jn.3:36 ) So there's a specific example of a concrete case of spirits being saved in the Spirit World! Why else is there this time of probation in the unseen World to watch their families & relatives & friends & what they're going through? My goodness, if anything would persuade somebody to get saved, that ought to be it--an after-death experience! God in His mercy is trying to persuade everybody to be saved that He possibly can--even after they die! The Bible says, "Thy mercy is from everlasting to everlasting"! ( Ps.103:17 ) Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

                 DOESN'T THAT GIVE YOU A PICTURE OF A LOVING GOD & AN EVERLASTINGLY MERCIFUL JESUS CHRIST?--That the people who never really had a fair chance here & now are going to get that chance? We're speaking of a different class of people, the departed dead being saved in the Spirit World, the Spirit Realm, the Unseen World, after death! Everybody's going to have a chance.

                 AND THIS BRINGS OUT ANOTHER SCRIPTURE: "THIS IS THE LIGHT WHICH LIGHTETH EVERY MAN THAT COMETH INTO THE WORLD!" ( Jn.1:9 ) Whether dead or alive, they get the light!--Sooner or later they have a chance to be saved! Now doesn't that fit your picture of an all-loving all-merciful God Who will be not only merciful to the now-living, but also to the dead?

                 IN OTHER WORDS, GOD'S GOING TO GIVE EVERYBODY A CHANCE--DEAD OR ALIVE, NOW OR THEN--TO HEAR THE GOSPEL, TO EVEN SEE & BELIEVE & RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOUR! Boy, that sure fits the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, that everybody's going to get a chance, either now or then, here or there, in this life or the next life, the Millennium or even Heaven on Earth! Soul-winning in the Spirit World! Hallelujah! Witnessing ghosts! Praise God?

                God is  all-loving, all-merciful, all-patient, "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to the knowledge of salvation." "That all men might be saved." ( 2Pe.3:9 ;  1Ti.2:4 ) Hallelujah! TYL! So why not in the Spirit World as well as in the Millennium, if even on the New Earth? Hallelujah!

                 BUT ONLY THOSE SAVED NOW GO STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN WHEN WE DIE!--Which way you goin', Bud?--Huh? God help you to make your choice today!--Tomorrow will be too late for Heaven now! "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve!" "Today is the day of salvation" for you! ( Josh.24:15 ;  2Co.6:2 )--What'll it be? Do it now! God help you, in Jesus' name, amen!  ( Written by D.B.Berg 1983)


 PT III OUR VISIT TO A ROMANIAN CEMETARY IN 2004 - By S.N.Strutt   ©   Oct 31st 2016    Halloween

In conclusion to this story, my wife and I, are writing a personal witnessing testimony, which we have never taken the time to write down before. Here is the background to the “WITNESSING TO THE DEAD” testimony.

Back in 2004 my wife and I took two trips to Romania. The first trip involved just my wife and I, visiting missionaries in Romania, and seeing their wonderful work with child cancer patients in Timisoara.  The 2ND trip my wife and I, travelled with four of our children, who were aged 5,7,9 & 11. We were staying in the house of friends, in the rural suburbs of Brashov.  It was around HALLOWEEN, and the kids were restless to get out and explore. The house were we were staying had a very small garden, but beyond it were extensive and beautiful forests. So we went off on a walk through the very scenic forest. However we hadn’t gone very far, when in the distance we could see a large rectangular contained area. We were yet around 300 yards away from it, when it is hard to explain but I suddenly “sensed exactly what it was”, without being close enough to be able to physically know what it was.

We also knew very little about Romania at the time, and its history. When one of my kids asked, "Dad, what do you think that distant structure is, I sort of blurted out, “ I believe that that is probably the grave-yard of young Romanian soldiers from the days of the communist wars.

We then walked up to the rectangular large area, and soon discovered that it indeed was a large grave-yard, but even more curious, there was a plaque there, stating that the grave-yard was full of young Romanian communist soldiers, most of whom had died at the very young age of 17-18. ( We did understand the language, as we had been many years in South America and spoke both Spanish and Portugese, and a little Italian. Romanian is a language made up of different Latin languages.)

You can imagine, we were absolutely amazed, as we all stood in front of the young people’s grave-yard, we suddenly felt so sorry for those unfortunate young soldiers, who had lost their lives in some crazy war of mankind, at such a young age.

My wife said, why don’t we all pray for these dead soldiers, who probably were forced into being soldiers, and had no idea what they were getting into.

We know from scriptures that “Nothing is impossible with God”, and as Jesus himself stated, "I am the Resurrection and the Life, he that believeth on me, though he were DEAD, yet shall he live!"

So we claimed those verses, and we all held hands, and prayed that if any of the dead soldiers would like to be set free from the grave, that they would turn to the light, and let Jesus save them.

Well, what happened next was SPECTACULAR….. It was like one would imagine a mini RESURRECTION EVENT.All of a sudden, as we had just finished praying for the dead communist soldiers, we saw lights coming out of most if not all of the graves, and the spirits of those bound soldiers, being released, as they went straight upwards and quickly vanished within a second.

It was a very thrilling witnessing experience, one which we had never attempted before and one we would never forget.

We had felt attracted and compelled to visit the cemetery, long before we even knew that it even was a cemetery. We had never prayed for the dead before that day, but when we realized how young those poor soldiers were, who had died, we felt great sorrow and compassion for them; and that is what motivated us to pray for the dead for the very first time.

That is not quite the end of the story. It difficult to tell, but we think, that around 300 souls got saved from that communist cemetery of young Romanian soldiers that day. Praise Be to God!

Well, an even stranger thing was to befall us, as we got back to the house, where we were staying.

When we got back to our bedroom, it suddenly dawned on us that there was a large presence in our room.

I asked my wife, “what do you sense is going on?” Without hesitation she replied “The spirits of the Romanian soldiers are all here surrounding our room. They were all in their uniforms, and were all smiling. Both my wife and I sensed it at the exact same time, independent of each other. I asked my wife “Why do you think they are here?” My wife replied, they wanted to thank us for praying them into heaven, through Jesus.  Then, just as suddenly their presence was gone.

My wife and I and family, were simply ELATED, and just so happy for hours on end.

We now know without a shadow of doubt, that it is possible to pray for dead relatives and loved ones..

...and even other people, because GOD is a God of Love, and cares about each and every soul on earth. “God is not willing that any man should perish, but that all men might come to repentance.


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