Background: Glamis Castle is situated just north of Dundee in Eastern Scotland. It has been the castle of Royalty for perhaps 1000 years. So it really does have some history. It is supposedly haunted. I am not normally one for visiting ‘haunted castles’, but when my son and  daughters were much younger they insisted on visiting this ‘tourist attraction’

My wife and I took them to the ‘Haunted Castle’. At the time, I had no idea of the ‘deep history’ of ‘hauntings’, that the Castle is actually very famous for, and for which many thousands of tourists come every year to visit this foreboding spooky castle.

The following is exactly what transpired some 10 years ago when my wife and I took our teens to visit this foreboding castle.

We entered the castle together with a tourist guide, and a whole host of tourists around us. The guide was very clever and knew his history, and even explained about many of the kings and queens who had lived there in the far past, as well as mentioning the Queen Mother who had also lived there some 30 years ago.

Some of those past kings and queens apparently had the misfortune of having been beheaded, like Mary Queen of Scots.

The tourist guide even larked about warning the women when coming down a short flight of stairs 'Watch out, as it is reported that an impish ghost likes to trip women up, as they go down the stairs.

Our reaction was at the time: 'Ha,ha, ha - how funny, pull the other leg!

The guide also mentioned some of the ‘ghostly apparitions’ that had been seen upon many occasions. He mentioned that ‘The Queen Mother’ (mother of the reigning Queen Elizabeth) had lived in that castle some of the time and died at the amazing old age of 102 years old.

We were being shown through the different rooms of the castle which did indeed feel ‘deep with history’ and had some sort of ‘presence’ in them.

One of my daughters quipped, ‘Wow, this would be a great castle to hire for Halloween, with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ playing in the background, especially with a full moon shing through one of the castle windows.

That was the sort of atmosphere there. Not evil, but most definitely ‘very spooky’ and a ‘bit creepy’ but not fore-boding.

Now, here is where I personally had a spiritual experience with what I will now call the ‘Haunted Painting’.

Whilst my wife, son and daughters were all looking around at different interesting very old paintings and icons, I myself came across two very large paintings right next to each other, and I recognized them immediately. (See the LINK below to see the paintings)

One was King James I, who in 1611 had the Bible translated into English from Latin/Hebrew by 70 scholars. The other was his son Charles I, who unfortunately met an untimely death….I think he was beheaded by Oliver Cromwell.

Well, I was looking up at the painting of James the 1st and also simultaneously at the painting of Charles 1st, and I don’t know, why but I personally have always thought that past paintings of hundreds of years ago, didn’t do the Royal family any favours, as in the paintings I have seen from the past, most people seemed to be shall we say ‘less than good-looking’.

On this occasion, it was no different, but I made the mistake of ‘thinking out loud’, as I looked up at the two paintings, ‘Goodness, these royals certainly weren’t very good looking, were they?’

Immediately, a strange thing happened, that I will never forget. I distinctly heard a voice come out of the painting of James 1st saying an expression that I had never heard before.

The voice simply spoke to me and said, ‘Well, you’re not the 'best slice of cake' yourself’.

It was so real, and my immediate reaction was to be totally taken aback and starled by it all. Then, when I had collected my thoughts, I started laughing, thinking that it was very funny indeed. I thought, "The painting is actually talking with me". It sounded like something out of a Halloween movie, where paintings start talking with you before the horrors would begin. However, this experience was not so sinister or frightening and that was all there was to it

I immediately went over  to my wife and teens and told them that the painting was haunted. I was happy to see that those who have passed on - still have a sense of humour.

Many years later, I read on the website of <stevequayle.com> in the  USA, that Glamis Castle in Scotland is known to be one of the most haunted castles in the whole UK.

We are not afraid of spirits, and I sincerely belief that they can appear upon occasion and speak to people in different ways. It is strange, as I don’t for one moment think that King James 1st is a ‘bound spirit’ of Glamis Castle.

He did a wonderful job for the Lord in translating the Bible into English and I am sure that he is in heaven. Well, he certainly visited the castle on the day that we visited it, and he really had a good sense of humour.

It was a happy experience which taught me that those who have passed on like to communicate with us on earth, upon occasion.

Spirit Helpers are a famous topic, and millions have testified throughout history to having been helped by the spirit of someone who had already passed on.

Many times they visit people in very dangerous situations and instruct others exactly what to do in order to get out of the immediate dangers that they have found themselves in.... (To be continued)


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