1) 28/11/19 - Hello dear Stephen . I bought your books "Jasher's Insights " Book 1 and Book 2 from France through Amazon, but they were sent to me from Great Britain.I will put a good comment about these books on Amazon because they are "good" really and they bring a new light and clearer details on man's fall in this world and also how the Nephilim's seeds are still in operation nowadays.  Bye for now and may God keep you and bless you . - Paul Newheart 

2) 24/11/19 - from HANK JENKINS (USA): Concerning my books, videos, radioshows, exploring and discoveries:

Stephen Strutt has a zeal for historical truth that is hard to makes sense of when looked at through the lens of contemporary religion and culture.   Can the present be explained by looking at the past?   He seems to have found in his researches what he believes is the key to understanding both the present and the future.  I’m reminded of the Bible verse, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be, and there is no new thing under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)  Could the failures of the ancients be the key to understanding the failures of our own fallen present?   One thing we know for sure:  it’s getting worse, not better.  The warning from Daniel, “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (12: 4) has surely been fulfilled in our own lifetime.   Looking backwards may not be to everybody’s liking, especially to young people who have their own present to deal with, but it’s beginning to make more and more sense, especially to those of us, like Mr. Strutt, who have seen the collapse of Christian civilization in our own lifetimes--less than 70 years--from something basically decent and upright into a world that is becoming more blatantly demonic and depraved by the minute.    It’s not even very subtle anymore.   How much worse can it get before we begin to believe what the prophets are still telling us?   

3) 25/10/19 - After sending the paper-back version of my book 'EZDRAS INSIGHTS' to Julie Milon in Denmark, I received the following message after wishing her that I hoped that she would enjoy reading the book:


I’m sure I will , I like the books that you have written I so far. I have read 1)  The Bottomless Pit, 2)  Enoch Insights and I started 'Jasher Insights' Book I a while back . I’ve always been interested in the supernatural. I have had numerous experiences with angels/spirithelpers over the years. Even now since living  since 2012 here in Southern Denmark

Your explanations in the books are so easy to understand. Your writings are so well-rounded, and you make it so exciting A lot of stuff is an eye opener for me . Keep up the good work - JULIE MILON

4) 15/10/19 Big day today! I just received your two books of 'JASHER INSIGHTS' 1 and 2; I bought them from AMAZON. What a treasure! GBY for such a big research! - Genieve - France

5) 15/10/19 Hi there, I agree with you and I believe that this book (The Book of Jasher) is inspired by God. Wonderful films could be made out of these books that you have produced.

Well, just a little note to say that I would like to order the books of JASHER INSIGHTS I & II  directly from you.

 - Carmen -Spain

6) I just ordered your book, 'Jasher insights' part one, from Amazon in Germany. I should get it within few days. I started to read it already , but I prefer to have the actual book in my hands. Plus I can take it with me in bed reading. GBYou both -Julie Milon - Denmark


Hi dear Stephen, I am Catherine Chakor. We bought your books 'JASHER INSIGHTS' BOOK ONE & II because we are super interested in the kind of history you expose and all the truth hidden behind the so-called "mysteries" in the world's eyes.

First I want to thank you for all the work you invested into those very interesting subjects. I just start reading your book, and I have a question about Adam and Eve. You mentionned that Eve might have had sex with the Devil. I believe those things are practiced in witchcraft, but I cannot see where exactly you got this supposition for Eve?

I always believed that original sex had nothing to do with sin, like you mention it yourself, the first commandment from God to man was to have sex and fill the earth (have children), way before they ever sinned.

I have a sister who was involved with RoseCrucians and new age movements, and they all have the same doctrine : you can, through knowledge, become equal with God. Isn't it precisely the serpent's temptation to Eve ? "If you eat the fruit of knowledge, you will be as God..."It is another form of Idolatry and witchraft practice to get forbidden knowledge in order to become God or gods. 

I believe this is enough to be cast out of the Garden. I cannot grasp where the idea of the Devil being the parent of Cain came from?

Thank you for taking the time to LISTEN to me, I hope you can find someway  to explain to me, I am still very interested in everything you have to say.

Actually, it is not that much of importance, as all the rest of the book is so true, maybe it is because as a woman I feel a little bit sorry for Eve, she has so much shame to bear already because she was the first human being to sin, I feel bad that on top of it she might be accused of some sin she wouldn't have commited. After all, Caïn's choice to do evil is not a proof for me that the devil is his biological father.

If the angels can become evil through pride and jealousy, and if Eve and Adam fell for the same sin because of the serpent's temptation, why couldn't their offsprings have the choice to be either Abraham's spiritual seed or the devil spiritual seed?

There are so many evil people, including witches that got converted to Jesus, and apparently good people who turned bad because of refusal to forgive or humble themselves..


Dear Catharine,

It is great to hear from you. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, but as I have stated in the beginning of my books - what I write is often my own opinions and speculations and theories after having studied the subject matter at length.

I understand how you put yourself in Eve's shoes. I think the thing to realize is that Adam and Eve didn't realize how subtle Satan really was, and how he can appear in different forms including as a very beautiful angel of light.

For these reasons, it would seem that after the Great Flood that God put much heavier restrictions both on Satan and the Fallen angels and their sons the Giants,who when they died became the disembodied spirits of the Giants; or better known to us today as the demons.

After the Great flood I believe that God limited the Fallen angels including Satan himself from putting on a majestic show of themselves physically, which had been a terrible temptation to the beautiful women on the earth before the Great Flood.

I agree that it was not easy for both Adam and Eve as they were young and still learning about life. You certainly don't have to believe all the things that I have written in my books. They are possibilities and probabilities and only time will prove whether they are 100% accurate.

What I hope by writing what I write - is to challenge everyone to question the STATUS QUO  in every topic.

Much of modern religion has stagnated by not including the more radical materials that used to be in the Bible in the form of the Apocryphal books until around 1885.

I will soon do a Radio interview about my books and will let you know where you can find the interview.

Incidentally, as I say later in the book that you are currently reading - I not only feel sorry for Eve but also for all the beautiful women who were seduced by the Fallen anglels who became Sirens according to the Book of Enoch.  See my book 'Enoch Insights'. 

I am totally open to DEBATE. I welcome the challenges to find more TRUTH. Let me know what you think.

Best Wishes - Stephen


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me.  I am open to the fact that I might be wrong too, or even not open enough to receive things I don't always understand. No one but God knows the truth in all its fullness, but it is sure interesting to share our conclusions and thoughts. Thanks anyway for all your interesting work!


8) 22/09/19 Paul Newheart : 'JASHER INSIGHTS' BOOKS: Amazing explanations which confirms the Bible about Noah`s time . The men of great renown were sons of angels and earthly women. Thank you for your amazing work . I bought the 'JASHER INSIGHT' books"

9) 22/09/19 Thank you dear Stephen for authoring these two excellent books 'JASHER INSIGHTS' BOOK I & II.

 Daniel Lanthier - USA

10)19th SEPT - FROM AMAZON.ES IN SPAIN   'Jasher Insights': Book One (Inglés) de S N Strutt (Author)

Intriguing and Revealing Insight

This is an incredible Apocryphal book which fills in many details of happenings in the Old Testament times which we don't read about in our modern day Bibles. It is an intriguing reading for those who want to know more about the lives of the Patriarchs, people of those times and events that took place. It answered many questions I had about this time period and helped me to have more understanding about God's workings and why He does or allows certain things. For those who are interested in Biblical history, or are simply curious about it, and perhaps have a desire to know more about the power of God and His supernatural forces to save and deliver His children, I highly recommend this book. - Estrella - Spain


Hi Stephen,

Well done! I am just amazed at how you are able to write such comprehensive and well researched books so quickly!

The Book of Jasher which you cover in 'JASHER INSIGHTS' is truly amazing and I am very thankful that you introduced me to it, as also your other book 'ENOCH INSIGHTS' & 'EZDRAS INSIGHTS'.

My next project will be to record the 'Book of Jasher' I am now just 10 chapters away from finishing recording the entire Apocrypha of 14 books. As far as I know, no-one has done a recording of the entire Apocrypha and certainly not anyone who has also recorded the King James Bible.

Your daughter's Sue's art is truly amazing. I am looking for an artist to design a cover for the Apocrypha. Do you think she would be interested?

12/09/19 Answer:Steve:  Yes, she says that she can help with the artwork for the Apocryphal Audio Books.

13) 17/09/19 Thanks, Stephen and Susanna, for the two books of 'JASHER INSIGHTS'. I started reading the first one and came across what seems like a preposterous argument that Eve may have been literally seduced by Satan, and that that was what got them kicked out of the Garden; but that same idea is exactly what I was taught in Catholic school way back when!  It wasn't exactly an official Catholic teaching--I doubt if the Church would own up to it--but it's definitely the impression we were all supposed to get when we first told  the story about the fall of Adam and Eve, not the Bible version but the Catholic version.   I was in the fifth grade, as I recall.  We weren't explicitly told that Eve copulated with the Serpent, that sex was the forbidden fruit,, but that was the impression we were all supposed to get, that I got anyway, that sex somehow caused the Fall, that sex was the great evil lurking to seduce mankind.   Of course the only way out of it was to become a celibate nun or priest!--and God knows how many good Catholic kids have fallen for that line, thinking that it was the only safe way to stay out of Hell!   It makes perfect sense that the best way to seduce mankind would be through sex, since it's the one thing that most of us find irresistible, so I'm starting to believe that the Catholic Church may have known something about Adam and Eve that the rest of Christendom has been blind to. It also explains why the Catholic priesthood has virtually given itself over to sodomy, because normal sexual behavior is considered sinful, off-limits!   I don't doubt that the Devil could convince some people that there's nothing wrong with sodomy!   At least you're not "defiling yourself" with a woman!   Sometimes it's the most preposterous ideas that turn out to be true! - Hank Jenkins - USA 

14) I'm still reading the paperback version of your second book of 'Jasher Insights' which I bought at AMAZON. I'll comment on Amazon as soon as I finish it. GBY! -Estrella - Spain - 12/09/19

15) Philip Wefossat - USA - 22/08/19

Along these lines - (the fact that you have also recently discovered some ancient fortresses in the mountains of Scotland), I think you've been wise Stephen, to take your time with your books and your websites.  If God wants to give you a bigger voice and a bigger audience, He'll open the doors for you.

16) AUTHOR:  Today 16/08/19 I wrote to the RADIO SHOW HOST Simon Peterson in Uganda and he has agreed to interview me about my two new books fo the public in Africa. He is the letter that I sent today and his almost immediate response:

Dear Mr Simon Peterson, my two new books of 'Jasher Insights' books  I & II were launched on AMAZON as paperbacks and also on KINDLE on the 6th August. Could it be possible for you to interview me to do a Radio station interview sometime soon after the holidays? - Here was his very quick response:

17) RESPONSE: 'Yes, would love to! The Book of Jasher is amazing and I am very much looking forward to recording an audio book of it.'

Steve: I will post the RADIO INTERVIEW once we have done it -it will be around 1 hour long.

18) Good for you to bring to light again those writings that are backed up by the Bible itself in Joshua 10:13 and 1 Samuel 1:18. In other words, this book is certified by the Bible itself! God bless you -Andre Nueva Vida - Columbia - S.A - 11/08/1

19) Hi, GBY I just ordered your two books of Jasher Insights I & II. Can't wait to get the PAPERBACK VERSIONS! Anyway, I can't wait to receive these books. I'm almost finished reading the first one. What strength Jacob's sons had! (supernatural! It reminds me that in the End Time, the stronger the enemy forces are, the stronger we will be, using the 'Word of God' and all the weapons of the Spirit.) - Estrella -Spain -16/08/19 LINK - WORD WARRIORS:

20) Thanks! I look forward to delving into those xxx -Claire Wilkinson - UK -12/08/19

21) Hi, I will wait 'til my daughter comes back from her vacation in a few days to order since the books will be delivered to the place of her work. It looks like you made two separate books instead of one. I'm a  so glad to have this to read and study.- Jan Sorenson - 13/08/19

22) Will you make your books available to deliver from At any rate, I will order these books soon. GBY! – Estrella 13/08/19

23) Thanks for sharing! - Daniel Wordsmith P. -13/08/19-

24) Christian Zambrelli - 15/08/19  - I'll get these books 'JASHER INSIGHTS' BOOK I & BOOK II ASAP!  - Thanks Stephen

25) I started some time back to read Jasher Insights part 1, very interesting. Need to finish it. Its more like a study book, so it takes longer time. Julie Milon - Denmark  23/09/19



'JASHER INSIGHTS' VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: 'Great video! I have read the book of Jasher before but reading your 'Jasher Insights' book is great because its like reading it with someone else as there are not to many people that know or read the books of Enoch book 1, Jubilees or Jasher. I am starting 'Jasher insights'  this week and have 'Enoch Insights' on the way. Keep spreading the truth and waking people up!' -Jice Z

This was my reponse on Thurday 29th October 2020:

Thanks for the compliment. My new book 'JUBILEES INSIGHTS' comes out officially at AMAZON on 30th OCTOBER both as a paperback and on KINDLE. Best wishes, Steve - s.n.s ( the author) See my website:

You can e-mail me STEVE at



STEVE:  As regarding your questions which are very interesting ones by the way:

1. In the first chapter of the Book of Jasher, Cain had an argument where Abel wants recompense for the wool and flesh which Cain had eaten. I have always been under the impression that meat eating started after the flood ?

Answer: It is true that Genesis tells us that mankind was given the fruit and vegetables to eat and not the animals. Not only that, but the animals were supposed to only eat vegetables as well.

I think that the real question to ask here is: What happened to the obedience of both mankind and the animals to God's laws of 'what to eat' and 'what not to eat'?

I think these laws were corrupted long before the Great Flood, because of the wicked sons of Cain being inspired by the Devil and eventually demons.

Also, the Fallen angels of GEN 6 brought corruption, from their 'marrying' the licentious daughters of Cain which resulted in dangerous giants. Those giants ate meat and were cannibals. That happened some 500 years after Creation in the days of Jared, 6th from Adam

2. Cain killed Abel with the iron part of his plough, so they must have had iron at that time.:

Answer: That is a very good question. when was iron discovered? According to the Apocryphal book of Enoch, the Fallen angels taught mankind how to make weapons of war.

It is also mentioned in my new book 'Eden Insights' taken from the apocryphal books of the 'Lost Books of Adam and Eve'.[ To be published Oct 2021]

Man's teachings from history apparently are mostly wrong. We did not start with the stone Age and then the  iron Age, bronze Age etc. According to the apocryphal book of II Esdras, mankind is not evolving but in fact he is devolving, getting shorter, dumber, smaller and weaker all the time. [See my book EZDRAS INSIGHTS]

Genetically speaking human geneticists tell us that mankind is on his last legs as the gene pool of mankind is now too weak.

Mankind had iron weapons a few centuries after the Creation, as invented by the sons of 'Lamech the blind' who was one of the grandsons of Cain. This is mentioned in detail in my 7th book 'Eden Insights'.

3.I have been listening to Stephen Quayle ,he promotes the idea that before humans Giants were on the earth ,he uses the Samerian texts engraved in stone and talks about them being 23,000 years old, I was always under the impression that the earth was created by God about 6,000 years ago ?

Answer: I would not put too much trust in the geologists and paleontologists, as they use circular reasoning between them to date rocks and the strata of the earth.

There is a lot of evidence that the earth is around 6000 years old and it is provable using many methods both scientifically and from the Bible itself.

The expert on showing the earth to be 6000 years old was Kent Hovind, whose videos we used to use to teach our kids many many years ago.

It is a very good idea to have a Longevity Chart from Adam to Joseph on your wall or in your study.

I got mine from Kent Hovind Creations website many years ago.

That chart shows clearly that the age of the earth is circa 6000 years old, and is taken from the KJV of the Bible.

You will find some maps in the back of my 'INSIGHTS BOOKS' showing the earth to be + or - 6000 years old.

Conclusions: I would state that the apocryphal books were in the KJV of the Bible until 1885.

Why were they taken out? The main reason given at that time was that the books were not in Hebrew.

That excuse was proven wrong with the discovery of the dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 in Qumran-Israel

I have stated in the introduction of my 'Insights books', that the dates and times sometimes vary in the different Apocryphal books, as well as some details and information. This is why I try to compare the books with the KJV of the Bible as much as I can and I try to point things out.

Apparently, the real reason that the apocryphal books were taken out of the KJV of the Bible in 1885 was financial in order to decrease the size of the Bible.

Best Wishes,




28.11.2019 08:57

Paul Newman

Hello dear Stephen . I bought your books "Jasher's Insights " Book 1 and Book 2 from France through Amazon, but they were sent to me from Great Britain. I will make a good comment at AMAZON

24.11.2019 09:33

Hank Jenkins

By the way I think you come across better--more clearly and theatrically--when you're speaking extemporaneously, as opposed to reading. Tell us what you think of politics and religion etc

16.10.2019 08:11

Julie Milon

I just ordered your book, 'Jasher insights' part one, from Amazon in Germany. I should get it soon . I started to read it , but I prefer to have the actual book in my hands. - Julie Milon - Denmark

16.10.2019 08:08


Hi there, I agree with you and I believe that this book (The Book of Jasher) is inspired by God. Wonderful films could be made out of these books that you have produced.

16.10.2019 08:06

Genieve Olivier

15/10/19 Big day today! I just received your two books of 'JASHER INSIGHTS' 1 and 2; I bought them from AMAZON. What a treasure! GBY for such a big research! - Genieve - France

27.09.2019 08:36


I believe that Eve might have been seduced by Satan to the point of having sex with him without knowing that he disguised himself .TY

27.09.2019 08:32


from Paul [husband of Catherine ]
I enjoy Jasher`s insights books because I can see more of how evil and lies entered our planet through Cain`s seed .That` true that Cain was the first murderer .

19.09.2019 18:22

Simon Peterson

Hi Stephen,
Well done! I am just amazed at how you are able to write such comprehensive and well researched books (JASHER - ENOCH - EZDRAS) INSIGHTS - so quickly! Your daughter's art is truly amazing.

22.08.2019 06:25

Hank Jenkins

Along these lines I think you've been wise Steven, to take your time with your books and your websites. If God wants to give you a bigger voice and a bigger audience, He'll open the doors for you.

18.08.2019 09:25

Steve Thompson

Absolutely wonderful work that you are doing ( THE CYCLOPEAN STONE STUCTURES that we recently discovered - Scotland)
It has really inspired me!

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