THE CUBIT AND A SPAN SIZED PHARAOH (2’ 6’) How is that even possible? - © by SN.Strutt 23/10/19

INTODUCTION: When I originally wrote these books of 'JASHER INSIGHTS' books I & II, it was difficult to write 'comments', as the Book of Jasher itself was very big.

For this reason there were some chapters, where I didn't make any comments or make an analysis, either because the original chapter was self-explanatory and followed the biblical narrative, or else because 'strange things' were written about, about which I had insufficient knowledge.

However, upon re-reading my own books, I have come to learn more about some of the above-mentioned chapters, and I will therefore be writing about them on this BLOG.

(I will POST an article HERE each WEDNESDAY - about the contents in my books - something NEW!)

I realize that in writing the book of ‘Jasher Insights’ BOOKS I & II, that I have only scratched the surface of the information contained in the Book of Jasher.

I will therefore start to write extra articles about this amazing Book of Jasher.

The Book of Jasher is a gold mine of information, and even more so the ‘Jasher Insights’ books, as they both explain difficult parts of the book and also fill in the gaps with inspired explanations of things not fully known before.

Certain things have been made known to me by God’s Spirit - as to why the Book of Jasher was made in the way that it was.

It is far more complex than I had at first imagined!

In General, in a nutshell, those who have read the 'Book of Jasher' think that the ‘Book of Jasher’ is a  book of interesting adventures: of Fallen angels, Fallen women such as the daughters of Cain, and resultant Giants. Later on came the Hybrids and Chimeras. A lot is mentioned  about Abraham and Jacob and his 12 sons and their frequent wars against the Canaanites. Not to even mention very detailed stories such as the Tower of Babel and Nimrod and many other interesting adventures.

Now in this chapter 77 we find the origin of Dwarfs. It is very interesting in that, all the above-mentioned creatures are what famous writers like R.R Tolkien put into his books of Lord of the Rings and C.S. Lewis into the Chronicles of Narnia.


Why the fascination about these strange creatures by those famous writers? It turns out that the creatures they wrote about, are in fact real and not imaginary -at least very similar creatures. Both those writers were Christians and wanted to get things put in a story that would be very interesting for children. Well, it turned out that the adults were also very interested in their stories.

Why did they write about Dwarves and Giants and Ogres and Chimeras of all kinds both Human and Animal kinds? Because the stories involve supernatural creatures and things which we were taught in school are only myths and imagination.

What we were taught in school  turns out to be a LIE. THOSE CREATURES DO EXIST and come into existence under very special EVIL circumstances as is evidenced by this Book of ‘Jasher Insights’ BOOK II.

Some woman wrote to me recently, and said that she thought that some amazing movies could be made from the contents of the amazing adventures in the Book of Jasher.

Up until now I knew how the giants came into existence, but I had no idea how the Dwarves came into being.

The dwarf Pharaoh mentioned in Jasher 77 is only two and a half feet tall which would on the surface seem totally impossible, but is it? And yet these type of mythological creatures both small and big have been reported countless times throughout the full length of time itself. Steve Quayle mentions them in his book LITTLE CREATURES. -[ ]

It is very interesting to me that it states in this 77th chapter of  Jasher, that there was a Pharaoh who was only two and a half feet high and that he had a beard growing all the way down to his feet. Just like a dwarf.  The Dwarf Pharoah, is described as being in height a cubit and a span. (A cubit is a maximum of 25 inches and a span is the size of the length of a man’s hand.(6 inches) 25 + 6 would make it about two feet and six inches high. Dwarfs are famous for growing their down to their feet.

Now if this story is to be believed, as something credible, then HOW did the dwarf come into being?

The interesting thing is how did this this dwarf comein to being if he was the son of Pharaoh and his wife, both of whom were presumably normal to average height? How could their DNA be altered into going into their dwarf son?

Pharaoh had many sons and daughters. On his deathbed he chose his dwarf son to be the next Pharaoh, as he said that he was very intelligent (in darkness)

The father of the dwarf Pharaoh was a very evil Pharaoh and ruled for a very long time according to the story. (90 years). God struck him down with leprosy for 10 years, until he died because he was exceptionally cruel to the children of Israel.

He actually is recorded as having slaughtered hundreds of innocent Israelite babies, and used their blood on his leprosy sores in the hope of curing them .  Of course, it did not work as God simply did not bless him for his satanic vicious actions and horrific treatment of the children of Israel in the captivity of Egypt.

We know that the giants conceived before the Great Flood were created by Fallen angels having sex with human women. The fruit was  hybrid giants who had supernatural strength and other super-human powers. It did happen again also after the Great flood. After the Great flood it was not so prevalent as before the Great Flood and the giant offspring were much smaller. Giants before the Great flood were over 35-45 feet high. After the Great flood they were from 9 feet to 25 feet in general.(See Steve Quayle's website about GIANTS) How did they manage to come back after the Great Flood and what has happened to them ever since?

What about DWARVES? How did they come into being? How could the DNA of both Pharaoh and his wife be altered in such a way that they had one dwarf son. On the surface and to our limited science today that would seem absolutely impossible! But is it? From what I have researched, they is truth to both WITCHCRAFT AND SORCERY and even LYCANTHROPY. You know what I mean - Werewolves etc. One of the ways to corrupt the human DNA IS BY DARK ARTS – HUMAN SACRIFICE and the deliberate spilling of human blood. The Pharoah did exactly that. He did both witchcraft and sorcery and spilled the blood of the innocent children os Israeal -mere little babies and as a result his wife gave birth to a very evil Dwarf, who became Pharaoh according to the 77th chapter of Jasher.

How evil was the satanic dwarf Pharaoh? Well according to the book of Jasher he was even worse than his very demented father. He ordered that the Children of Israel had to produce bricks without straw. He also then got worse and said that if the Israelites did not complete their daily quote of bricks in the wall, then the Egyptain soldiers would go and take their youngest child and use him as a human brick in the hole in the wall and place cement over the top of him while he die screaming. Thus reads the 77th Chapter. 270 children died in this horrific manner.

It was shortly after this that Egypt was totally destroyed.

It is very easy now to understand why! When you realise how satanic the Pharaohs really became at the time of Moses, it is no wonder that God brought on the 10 Plagues of Egypt and totally destroyed Egypt. According to the Bible there have been 6 major world empires starting with Egypt. 1) Egypt 2) Assyria 3 Babylon 4) Medio-Persia 5) Greece, 6) Rome.

According to the book of Daniel there will be a 7th worldwide empire of the ANTI-CHRIST who will be totally satanic in nature, and eventually will be possessed by Satan himself.

Such evil as has gone on before the Great Flood is returning in the form of the Nephilim or the Fallen angels along with Satan himself and all the spirits of the Giants of old (the disembodies spirits of the Giants) which are also known as the demons of hell.

There are many evils on this planet today which could be classified as HUMAN SACRIFICES, and thus very strange creatures could also start appearing because of the extreme evil of some.

In the book of the SEPTUAGINT in the book of Isaiah chapter 13 is stated ‘ Giants coming to fulfil the Wrath of God’. There has been evidence that when races on the earth do things as depraved as cannibalism that giants come and take revenge as in the case on the Azteks and many other Indian tribes who were cannibalistic. The Anastasi tribes were apparently devoured suddenly by giants which came out of the ground according to Steve Quayle’s website.

Wars are  human sacrifices, and there will be the Devil to pay for all those people who cause the innocents to die in wars. Another form of Human sacrifice are ABORTIONS.

All I know is, that ‘whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap’. God is however very merciful & forgiving, and when people repent, and get saved through the blood of the Messiah and  Saviour Jesus Christ then God can forgive anything. As long as people are sincere.




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