APPENDIX 27 FROM 'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT' - originally written by S.N.Strutt 2014 (Edited 13/05/2021)

The Montauk Project & Armageddon “Man does not do anything or invent anything but that it is given by inspiration from either the forces of light or forces of darkness” - unknown.

When it comes to Time Travel as mentioned as possible by Nicholi Tesla in 1896 and brought to fruition by both Tesla and Einstein in first the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. Later their theories were used with the Montauk Project in the late 70’s and 80’s; such a possibility would seem to put us in the realm of science fiction or even science fantasy to most people.

But is it TIME TRAVEL perhaps possible? According to Revelations 10.6-7 the days are soon coming when Time shall be no more!

This would infer that we live in a sort of Time Matrix which shall soon come to an end, at least in its limited present form.

According to one of the wisest men who ever lived, Solomon 3000 years ago “There is nothing new under the sun.. that which has been is that which shall yet be done” ...(Ecclesiastes 1.9; 3.15 )

When it comes to time travel and mind-control as well as mass mind-control, how could the spiritual forces of darkness operating in the shady realms behind the scenes of this world or let’s say in a slightly lower dimension than the physical existence, benefit by inspiring man to dabble in time travel as in the Montauk project? What is the ultimate purpose?

APPENDIX 28 Zombie  Army

Earlier on in this book, I briefly mentioned about the tower of Babel and how the people building it acted not only like slaves but more like drones of a bee hive! (Chapter 7) Mass Mind Control!

Let’s imagine for a moment that Satan, lord of darkness and ruler of this present physical domain as according to (Matthew 4) knows that very shortly his time will be up after he gets a 7 year fling of being the antichrist for the last 7 years of human history.

The lord of darkness or “Satan’s goal” has always been three-fold:- 1) To be worshipped as god 2) Control the world 3) Eventually destroy all of God’s creation.

So far through history Satan has been prevented time and time again from totally taking over and totally destroying god’s creation.

Now in these modern times he finally has the possibility in his grip, as only in the past 60 years, since the advent of the atomic age, has man the capability of totally destroying the planet. (2 Thessalonians 2.7-12)

God’s protection of this planet because of its continued extreme wickedness will eventually be withdrawn.

If you wanted to create a physical army which was the most vicious, violent and totally insane destructive army with absolutely no conscience how could it be done?

When Satan & the fallen angels are finally permanently kicked out of heaven (Revelations 12.7), we can assume that also means “out of the higher dimensions”, so that Satan and his hoards will in fact be stuck in the physical realm, or lower dimensions.

What have many emperors and dictators done throughout history in the past in order to get rid of some “undesirables”?

In order to take the blame away from themselves directly, they normally let some of the worst criminals and dangerous psychos out of prison with the promise of a legal pardon if they will do some specific “dirty work” of getting rid of certain “undesirables”.

Later the authorities could have these same criminals assassinated by their own special forces using the excuse that they were only escaped convicts!

Is it possible that the Antichrist will use the exact same tactics, and even more so Satan who is the one behind it all?

Satan has been 'king of the world empires of mankind' since the world began as clearly shown in the 7 headed red dragon in revelations 12.

In the negative spirit world Satan has hoards of very dangerous criminals locked up from the whole of time itself or 6000 years of world History.

Satan also trains many in his army in the spirit world.

What if, and this is only an idea, Satan wanted to re-use some of the worst criminals or villains of the entire history of mankind or the past 6000 years because they were excellent generals of armies and totally ruthless?

Down in the earth in the negative spiritual plane in hell there are characters like Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler; as well as many diabolical former Greek and Roman emperors.

One day after all of the truly saved have been resurrected and Raptured to heaven with Jesus (at the very end of the 3 and a half years of tribulation), and thus all light has left the planet for a while until Armageddon, this would then be the perfect time for the rising of total darkness from the bottomless pits and tunnels all around the earth. There would be no restraining force!

Satan has a problem however, in that most of his forces are currently in the spiritual realm.

APPENDIX 29) The ultimate purpose of the Montauk Project?

Secret and very wealthy organizations financed this project for years according to Nichols Prestman in his book “The Montauk Project” in fact he tells us that they spent hundreds of billions on this one project. Why? In the future Satan is going to be in a fix as he knows that he has but a short time before he will be defeated at the battle of Armageddon, and finally locked up in the bottomless pit.

I believe he has inspired man to do the time project and the mass mind control experiments using hapless and countless victims, who have been sacrificed and who mostly eventually died & who were mostly children (10.000 children) from off the street.

Why is it that often scientific so-called progress often involves sacrificing either people or animals such as in the case of the atom bomb tests?

It is almost as if they are sacrificing to Satan, Lord of darkness without even realizing it?

Has he inspired man to do these awful experiments in order to be able to create a zombie army in the not too distant future?

I know that the following is possibly only a quantum leap of imagination ...but?

Satan could attempt to re-unite the very wicked spirits in hell such as Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler with their young physical bodies by going back in time using some sort of futuristic scientific witchcraft to put their spirits back into a younger body.

This could also be another reason why very soon after this happens that the 7th angel will sound and time shall be no more.

In that case there will be no more messing around with time itself !

Of course no one knows the ramifications of messing around with time and possibly causing a time paradox! Note that according to Revelations chapter 13, the Antichrist was wounded unto death and yet he did live, and then became Satan incarnate. (a voodoo zombie?)

Will the ANTI-CHRIST be resuscitated by scientific witchcraft by trying to imitate the resurrection of Christ?

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